Take this comprehensive half day morning Tour in Meteora and discover the astonishing Meteora through the eyes and the narrative of the locals.

Visit 2 main monasteries of Meteora and discover the natural beauty and the cultural heritage of this area. This morning tour will take you back in the dark ages and the story of the first hermits and monks who laid the foundations of what later on became the monastic community of Meteora. Learn which monastery was the first to be established and the true motivations behind the monks’ decision to try to climb the steep rocks of Meteora and to build there the monasteries. Learn everything, see everything. And then we will take you to the most beautiful spots for amazing views and photos. And if you’re wondering that this will be all we have prepared for you, think again. Imagine that millions of tourists visit every year the site of Meteora and most of them are coming and going completely unaware of one of the most important prehistoric sites not only to Greece but for the entire world, with archeological findings dating all the way back to 130,000 BC!

Take our half day tour and include a guided visit to Theopetra prehistoric cave and travel back in time to learn and feel the daily life of the prehistoric people of Thessaly, right at the dawn of mankind and of our civilization. Have a chance to get inside the prehistoric cave and discover all the astonishing findings made by the Greek archeologists after painstaking excavations that lasted for nearly 20 years and forever changed the view they had for the prehistory of Meteora. A tour not to be missed by anyone!

Important notice: Every Monday the prehistoric cave of Theopetra remains closed. Please check additional info below for more details.

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Commitment to eco-tourism, respect for the environment and local traditions.

Take this amazing guided hiking tour and walk through the gigantic rocks of Meteora to enjoy truly breathtaking views.

The guided hiking tour of Meteora that we offer is one of the best ways to enjoy the unique landscape of the Meteora rocks and to learn the history of the place which is listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. By joining this morning hike you will get the chance to see many things other visitors will never see, because we will guide you through ancient trails that only the locals know of. We are going to lead you to the footsteps of the first hermits and monks who originally arrived here more than 15 centuries ago, in order to experience Meteora like never before.

The hike will start on the foot of the Doupiani rock, right beneath the old ruins of Pantokrator monastery. From there you are going to cross the massive rock pillars of Meteora towards the northern side of the rocks, following a trail that leads to the hidden monasteries of Ypapanti and the ruins of St. Dimitrios, which in the early 19th century became part of a batlle during a local uprising against the Ottoman Turks. Take this hike and hear about all the secret stories behind each place you pass by through the exciting narrative of local mountain guides. From that point and after a short walk you will find yourself gazing at the impressive monasteries of Great Meteoron and Varlaam which are located on a higher level, with enough time to spend for a visit in one of them.

The hike will then take you downhill through the ancient trail of the monks that is still paved today with the original stones and you can walk under the shadows of theses massive rocks for the last part of this marvelous hike.

This tour requires a physical and mental health.

Difficulty level: Easy





“A “life-seeing” experience rather than a sight-seeing experience.”

When all the masses of tourists are long gone have an amazing sunset tour organized by our travel agency that will be your highlight of your entire Meteora visit.

This tour will take you on a late afternoon visit to unique places and sites around Meteora. You will see places outside the beaten path that only locals know and you will enjoy amazing views while you learn the true history and traditions of this astonishing place. Apart the monastery we visit on this afternoon tour, you will also have the chance to visit the 1,000 years old Badovas hermitages build inside caves and the old Byzantine church dedicated to Assumption of Virgin Mary in Kalampaka, the most ancient monument of our region. The Byzantine church is an early Christian church that stands for many centuries and in its walls and on the embedded ancient marbles one can witness the 2,700 years of history of the town!

And then, filled from the beauty, the history and the culture of our place the tour will take you to enjoy unique panoramic views on the most perfect spots of Meteora and capture one of the most amazing sunsets you could ever imagine. And when the sun begins to slowly touch the mountain ridges and all you can hear is the silence and the wind, it will be the most captivating moment of all! Have awe-inspiring views that will heighten all of your senses. And in those very moments one can truly understand why Meteora has been chosen by so many holy men in the past that came here to build on the edges of these cliffs, the cloisters and the monasteries we so much admire today. They felt deep inside that simply by gazing at this magical landscape you unconsciously perform an act of meditation, meditating on the beauty and awe of all creation.

This is a Tour not to be missed by anyone visiting Meteora!

Children under the age of 12 must be accompanied by an adult